Thursday, January 9, 2014

San Pablo City Coco Festival 2014 Schedule Of Activities

Hi guys! Welcome back to another blog post or update about the on-going Coco Festival 2014 celebration here in San Pablo City Online.

For those of you out there in the internet who are looking for this year's San Pablo City Coco Festival 2014 Schedule Of Activities, look no further because you'll find it in this post.

This morning, I went to the City Plaza and took a picture of the big board that has the schedule of activities of this year's San Pablo City Coco Festival 2014 celebration. I had to take an actual picture of the schedule because, like many of you, I have no idea where to get one.

Unfortunately, I'm not connected with any local government agencies or offices nor do I know any political entities or personalities. That's why I have to do the work to get this kind of information to all of you.

Anyway, see the schedule of activities for this year's San Pablo City Coco Festival 2014 celebration below.

Before anyone complains about the quality of the pictures, I'm going to apologize for it right now. I currently take most of my pictures now using my cellphone camera. That's why the quality is not very good but, at least, the schedule is still readable.

Hope you guys find this post useful specially if you're planning in visiting San Pablo City during the Coco Festival celebration.

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Thank you guys for reading this post and hope you have fun in San Pablo City.


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