San Pablo City 2013 Election List Of Candidates

The campaign period for this year's Local Elections has started and the list below will let you know who are the candidates for the Mayoralty, Vice Mayoralty and City Council positions here in our city.

Street Dancing Competition San Pablo City Coco Festival 2013

It's the biggest and the most colorful event of the entire festival. It's also the event that brings in more people to our city during the Coco Festival Celebration.

San Pablo City, It's More Fun In The Philippines

Well, I have not been to many places in the Philippines but I can definitely say that it is more fun in San Pablo City.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Damaged Classrooms At Platon Elementary School In San Pablo City Need Your Help

6d4f6654831db28d5f49f0daecf386ea5eb5191bc21e871d96 A few totally damaged classrooms at Platon Elementary School in San Pablo City need your help.

Damaged Classrooms At Platon Elementary School In San Pablo City Need Your Help

Last year, Typhoon Glenda totally damaged a few classrooms at Platon Elementary School in San Pablo City. These classrooms need to be repaired or re-built because they are totally unusable.

A year after Typhoon Glenda, the classrooms are still in their damaged and unusable state. Right now, many students are suffering because they have no classrooms.

Anyway, if you are watching this video and you are a person in authority or maybe a local government official or even a Department Of Education employee, staff or officer in San Pablo City then, please, take a look at this classroom problem and, hopefully, do something to get it repaired or re-built.

Lazada Philippines

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

SM City San Pablo Keeps Seniors Up To Date

SM City San Pablo partnered with one of his tenants, Smart Communications, in teaching the Seniors in a gadget and smart phones literacy program. The event dubbed as “Oldie but Techies” is one of the many projects of SM Cares Program where the main goal to create a positive change in the community by empowering its Seniors.

SM City San Pablo Keeps Seniors Up To Date

OSCA PAMANA Chairwoman Ms Belen Dionela said that they really feel welcome at the mall and they are thankful that SM Supermalls are supporting the seniors. OSCA PAMANA members were all taught  how to use the internet and engage in social media, how to use smart phones as a tool in connecting with love ones, and how to navigate the basic apps of a mobile phone.

We look forward to bridging that generation gap by encouraging more seniors to lead sustainable and productive lives. SM Supermalls will continue to create programs like this to keep our seniors updated with the modern world and their families. (nwr)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

(Press Release) White Cane Safety Day at the Mall

SM Supermalls strives to create a mall for all - a corporate citizen that cares for all members of society and those of future generations. In fact ,the advocacies of SM Cares include Programs on Persons with Disabilities, Children & Youth Development, Women & Breastfeeding Mothers, Senior Citizens, Overseas Filipino Workers and Environment and Sustainability. That is why when Pag ibig and Pag Asa, a school in San Pablo City  that caters to children with special needs, came to SM City San Pablo and asked SM if they can be part of the White Cane Safety Day Program – SM gladly accommodated them.

White Cane Safety Day at the Mall

White Cane is a symbol of the blind citizens in our society. It is primarily use in assisting the blind thus came the White Cane Day is an opportunity to increase awareness about the independence ,confidence and skills of the person who is using it.

So last Tuesday , August 11 – 22 kids from Pag ibig and Pagasa went malling at SM City San Pablo. They all enjoyed their carousel ride. They also explored the mall and had a sumptuous lunch at KFC. After having lunch they spent their afternoon playing,dancing  and singing at the World of Fun. It was a day full of joy for all the kids and it was simply priceless.

SM Supermalls and SM City San Pablo will always be supporting PWDs with their events and spread their cause, while fostering a second home where they can feel welcome and secure.

White Cane Safety Day at the Mall

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Watched Ant-Man At SM City San Pablo

A couple of weeks ago, I took my kids to watch Ant-Man at SM City San Pablo. I was kinda surprised to see it playing in only one cinema. I guess SM Cinema was not expecting a lot of people to see the movie which is understandable because Ant-Man is not a popular character.

Watched Ant-Man At SM City San Pablo
Rhomiel Claudia and Romelyn Ariadna Minorka with Ant-Man

I am familiar with Ant-Man but I'm not going to say I'm a fan of the character. As for my kids, they know nothing about the character except maybe from the Avengers cartoon in Disney but they saw the trailers and they wanted to see the movie.

We didn't see the first showing because it was too early for us. We went to SM City San Pablo after lunch and we were able to get tickets for the second screening or showing. The ticket price was P175.00 and, since there were four of us, I paid P700.00.

I only brought P1,000.00 with me because that was my budget for watching the movie. Minus the price of the tickets, we still had P300.00 and we spent most of it on snacks. We bought our snacks from the grocery because it was cheaper than buying snacks from the cinema.

Anyway, we all enjoyed the movie. In fact, my 7 year old daughter liked it so much that, at the end of the movie, she was already asking when Ant-Man 2 is coming.

The next superhero movie after Ant-Man was Fantastic Four but we didn't see it. They saw the trailers in YouTube and none of them liked it.

Gamot Para Sa Kapwa At SM (Press Release)

SM once again invites its shoppers to provide less fortunate communities with disaster ready tools through its Gamot Para sa Kapwa campaign.

Gamot Para sa Kapwa booths are found at all SM Stores where shoppers can purchase and donate a Sureaid Disaster Kit worth P99 or P190 for 2 exclusively distributed by Watsons. Proceeds will go to DOH accredited beneficiaries.

A joint project of the SM Store and Watsons in partnership with the Department of Health, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and SM Foundation, Gamot Para sa Kapwa aims to provide quality health and emergency assistance to indigent communities in the country.

This is especially meaningful and timely during the typhoon season and earthquake risk, when quick aid is essential during emergency situations such as accidents and natural disasters.

Shoppers do their share by visiting Gamot Para sa Kapwa booths at all SM Stores until September 30, 2015. They can purchase a Sureaid Disaster Kit worth P99 for donation or personal use or buy 2 kits for only P190 exclusively distributed by Watsons.

The Sureaid Disaster Kit from Watsons will help the less fortunate communities during calamities. Each kit includes Sureaid Emergency blanket, 300 ml bottled water, flashlight, whistle and masks.

Each kit contains items needed for quick survival during calamities like Sureaid Emergency blanket, 300 ml bottled water, flashlight, whistle and masks.

All donors are also entitled to a P50 coupon to be redeemed with minimum single receipt purchase of any Watsons brand worth P350 valid until September 30, 2016. Proceeds will go to DOH accredited beneficiaries nationwide.

Help build disaster ready communities and join SM’s Gamot Para sa Kapwa campaign.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Cities I Would Like To Visit Someday → London

I've lived most of my life here in San Pablo City and I'm very happy living here. I do have a few complaints here and there about the city but they're not major complaints.

Big Ben, London England, United Kingdom

Now, even though, I'm very happy living here in San Pablo City, I still dream of visiting other cities in other countries and one of those cities is the City of London in England.

From what I've seen in pictures, movies and other media, London looks like a beautiful city to visit. It has a lot of popular places that I want to see like the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge to just name a few.

Of course, after seeing all these popular places, I would return back home to San Pablo City. I don't think I would want to live in London not because it's a bad city but because I know virtually nothing about it.

I wouldn't even know where to live and how much it will cost to live in London. I'm sure there are London Apartments that are affordable and nice to live in but, at my age, I think it's better to just go back home to San Pablo City.

The apartments here in San Pablo City may not be as awesome as those London Apartments but, I'm sure apartments here are way much cheaper than any London Apartments.

Anyway, I'm not going to bore you any more by making this blog post even longer but I do hope you enjoyed this short post from your fellow San PableƱo.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

SM Celebrates the National Book Reading Day (Press Release)

Elementary students of San Isidro Elementary School participated in story reading event in SM City San Pablo last Tuesday, July 21 in celebration of the National Children’s Book Reading Day.

Rence Rapanot, the Voice Season 2 finalist and San Pablo City Councilor Karla Adajar , both natives of Laguna were the book readers for this year’s celebration.

Aside from the story readings, the participants received books from Vibal Publishing. Some of the kids also took home prizes from participating in the games from KFC and Jollibee.

SM Supermalls has been celebrating the National Children’s Book Reading Day across all its malls in annually since 2009. Through its SM Cares Program for Youth and Children’s Welfare, SM campaigns the love for books and reading among kids. This year’s event was held in partnership with DepEd, the National Book Development Board, Vibal Publishing, BDO Foundation and SM Foundation.*

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